Quick Potatoes!


I thought this was cute.

But there are some things I hate when it comes to homemaking.

Cooking. I hate cooking. Some people enjoy the process of making a bunch of ingredients work together for this thing called ‘food’. I don’t. I like to eat…but I don’t want to work for it. But until they figure out a way for me to simply think of a meal and it being magically prepared, for a low cost because I’m frugal…I’m going to have to make this cooking thing work for me!

Another thing I hate are hot ovens on a sweltering day. I hate cooking…and I hate cooking on a hot summer day. My house becomes a battlefield between the air conditioning unit and the oven…and I’m torn between sweatpants and shorts….hoodies and tanktops.

Then I found this:


The potato bag. I had one but then I got rid of it. I thought the idea of cooking something in the microwave in a cloth bag was weird. I found this brand at Walmart for $7 and change and decided to try…

…the picture below is my dinner from last night. Baked potatoes and red peppers. And it was yummy, and quick, and my dishes in the sink were minimal, and my house was not confused on whether to be hot or cold.

Using a potato bag is easy. This one has clear instructions; but basically you wash your potatoes, put them in the bag (unpoked), and place ‘flap side down’ the bag in the microwave. Two medium potatoes turned out nicely at 5 minutes, but if you cook more or if you cook larger potatoes, you need to check them every so often. Four larger potatoes in my bag yesterday took 9 minutes.

To launder you just wash and air dry. I’ll probably just hand wash it and let it dry in the strainer.

FYI: you can also make corn on the cob and reheat bread in this bag. This particular bag has instructions on each when you buy it.

I wanted to share this because I normally hate microwaved baked potatoes. The way I used to make them (washed, pierced, and on a plate for 6 minutes/potato) never turned out right, and so when I decided to try this contraption, I was a little desperate for a quick fix since I’d rather be in the living room than the kitchen.

Another cool thing about this contraption is that it’s portable. If you have to stay at a hotel that has a microwave, grab this bag and a few potatoes and save yourself the cost of dining out. At least that’s my plan! But I can be painfully frugal at times! 🙂

I started thinking about this potato as a meal thing. The recipe book suggests all sorts of potatoes..my thoughts were beans and potatoes (baked beans, lima beans, or any other cooked bean), topping with salsa or other mexican seasonings, or the garlicy bean alfredo sauce over top for a change up.

Tonight I’m trying out another gadget we picked up: a microwave rice bowl/cooker. I’ll let you know if it’s a keeper!


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