What a Little Paint and Decluttering Can Do…

It all began on a Saturday. Adam was home and bored and we all decided we should do something as a family. Nothing was playing at the theaters, and the skating rink didn’t open until 7 pm…and then I had a thought: If we are going to spend money on a movie out or skating, maybe we can use that money to fix up our house? Mainly, painting the dining room?

Everyone was on board. The kids had pride in what they accomplished in helping, and the end result is fantastic! I wish I had some before pictures, but know that it was a mauve color, and pretty cluttered.

IMG_0192 IMG_0189

The top picture is of my daughter Danielle painting our hallway. We decided to have the hallway flow as the same color as the dining room, since we were installing carpet after our tax return came in. The bottom picture is of my boys, Troy and Liam, painting the dining room. Troy nicknamed Liam, “Picasso”.

If you can imagine, my dining room was a mauve color and had dark black and brown curtains. The whole atmosphere of the room was dark. I had thought at the time that the red would be a rich color in our space, but it ended up making the room very dismal. We had a giant entertainment center (that used to house an old style television), that held homeschooling materials. After relocating the materials, I sold the entertainment center. That freed up so much space in my dining room (and freed up some cash so I could have my date night with the hubby!!). Now the atmosphere is calming, peaceful, and bright. It’s one of my favorite rooms!


This is my table that my neighbor gave us after ours collapsed. It is a simple table, the top made of particle board, but I painted the chairs and table legs a bright white and got a cute tablecloth from Gabe’s for $3. It’s a vinyl tablecloth, so it’s easy to wipe off too (which is essential with kids!!)


I live in an old home (built in 1906) so finding 95 inch curtains is very difficult, but necessary for the look that I wanted, seeing as we have tall ceilings. I found these on Amazon, for a pretty good price ($15/panel). It’s not as cheap as I’d like to pay, but they are thermal lined and I just love the color of them. The gray chairs are my absolute favorite tho. They are my “coffee chairs”. I have two of them, one in each corner. They are where I sit with a cup of coffee while Liam eats his breakfast at the table, or where I sit with my coffee when a friend is over or on the phone. They are comfortable, and I found them at walmart.com for $65. Yes, they were more expensive than my frugalista self would want to pay, but everything else I saw was $120/chair, so i figured $130 for two chairs was a good deal.


The tile underneath our mantel was painted a sage green, so I repainted it bright white. The painting above it I found at Family Dollar for $8. It just makes me so happy, it has my favorite colors in it and is so serene. Once I figure out where to hang stuff on my walls, I hope to hang my family picture in here as well. We do still keep a coat rack in here and our shoes, but I majorly decluttered them, sending to our bedrooms the coats and shoes we don’t wear frequently.

In addition to this, we used our tax return to get much needed carpet for our living room, stairs, hallway, and Liam’s room. Upon getting the phone call from Lowe’s installer, saying he could come “Tomorrow at 8 am!!”, I quickly texted a good friend and promised her coffee if she wasn’t busy and wanted to help me paint Liam’s room while Adam slept from working the night before. She wasn’t busy, and wanted the distraction, so she came over, and we had a blast painting and talking about what the Lord is showing us. Again, I don’t have any ‘before’ pics of Liam’s room, but it was Danielle’s old room, so think “bubble gum pink” and random crayon drawings of castles on the wall.



To make more space, I put his two toy bins in his closet. They are easily accessible, yet, with them in there, he has more play space in his room. I shoved his bed flush against the wall, which, doesn’t seem like much, but added play space as well. Finally I made his dresser flush against the wall instead of caddy-cornered, and it helped space wise also. I also relocated his Legos from the living room to his room. I think now his friends will enjoy hanging out and playing swords in his room! 🙂

Liam also is big into Minecraft, so we hung up his swords, pickaxes, and torch that he got for Christmas from the game. They are still accessible if he wants to play with them, but also a great decoration.


I guess I need to show you all the living room pictures also. I didn’t do any remodeling there, except carpet, but we did do some major decluttering, so it looks very open in there now. If you need a visual on how my floor was before carpet, look up again at the picture of Danielle painting the hallway. She is sitting on a brown painted pine floor. That was throughout the house, except that our living room was a tan painted pine floor.

Here is the hallway now. 🙂


The walls are gray, like the dining room. They will, eventually, have pictures of the kids on them, but for now they are plain. The steps that the installers did turned out great!! I’m very pleased, and don’t know why we didn’t get carpet sooner!!

Finally, here are the living room pictures:


This is our foyer space. We used to have a chair where the lamp is and some bins that held scarves, hats, and gloves. We put the chair back outside (it was an outdoor chair and was never used), and returned the outdoor gear to the respective bedrooms. With that tiny bit of decluttering, we have a great space to welcome guests now. We did keep the exercise bike up, because, if it’s not there, I’m not going to use it! 🙂


This is our living room. I have to brag on how God has provided, because honestly, we really only bought the TV, couches, and the curtains! The rug was from a friend who, changed her decor and didn’t need it anymore but remembered it would match my living room perfectly! The dresser/entertainment stand was given to us also for Liam when he was a baby. It’s a little rough, but we painted the drawers and stained it, and replaced the handles. It’s perfect now for holding Wii and XBox games, DVD’s, and the random cords that we somehow began to collect. The coffee table is actually an outdoor table, that my neighbor gave us. Since we don’t have a deck, the legs often sunk into the grass. So we cleaned it up and put it inside and it works great!!

Now in front of the big window (with three curtain panels), I used to have a storage ottoman, which held blankets. I gave that to my daughter, who, stores her Barbies and toys in it now, and also will give her another seating area in her room when friends are over. We have a couple of blankets which we keep folded on the couches, and, it really opened up the space, just by giving up that once piece of furniture.


This is just a picture of my ‘seat’ in the house! LOL! The picture above it I found at a yard sale for $2, and became the theme for this room. The end table I absolutely love, and was given to me by my sister in law when she noticed I needed one and she had that one. It’s a little rough, but I like that about it.

So that’s it (for now!) I know this post is long!! There is much more work to do but for now, I’m beat, my husband is beat, but the result is fantastic. We love it and are thankful that God has helped us take this old fixer upper and make it into someplace where we can enjoy growing old in.


2 thoughts on “What a Little Paint and Decluttering Can Do…

  1. philliciaritch March 24, 2015 / 1:43 pm

    I love it! It looks great. I am so happy for you to have a shiny new space to live in.


    • Maria March 24, 2015 / 2:15 pm

      Thanks! We love it too!! There is still a lot to do, but it feels good to have made a big dent in it.

      Liked by 1 person

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