Look Carefully….

…at your menu!! You may be pleasantly surprised!!

While my parents were visiting, we decided to go out to lunch and dinner. Prior to their visit, I scoured the website menus of local restaurants, certain to find a choice to fill my vegan food selections, but was disappointed and considered asking for a salad, with chicken on the side (to take home for Liam to reheat), and no cheese. This is because, unless I ordered just a plain house salad, everything else had meat on it. And if I’m going to go out to eat, I’d like something fancier than iceburg lettuce with tomato.

I was pleasantly surprised, when, looking at the ‘burger’ section on the menu at Garfield’s and Applebee’s, I saw Garfield’s offers a Boca Burger, and Applebee’s offers a Veggie Burger. Both were delicious and satisfying. Furthermore, Sheetz, Starbucks, and Coffee on the Corner offer soy milk options for their lattes and mochas. So, be sure to look at the menu really good, or, simply ask. I didn’t see any of these options on the website menus, and not all restaurants may be the same, even if they are the same name.


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