Quick (and cheap!) Bathroom Organization

If your house is like mine, you have a million different things in your bathroom. First aid stuff, facial cleansers and masks, cold and flu medicines, pain relief medicines….well, there is a LOT. If you have a linen closet or a large under the sink cabinet, you can organize these things quickly, cheaply, and your life will be made so much simpler.

I had used baskets in the past. After all, baskets are prettier! But…they made it hard to see what was in each one. And things had a way of finding their way into the wrong baskets. So this seemed like a better route.

First, go to your bathroom and categorize your stuff. My categories look like this: Nail Care, Facial Stuff, Maria (which is all of my stuff that I don’t want the kids using…hairbrush, special hair accessories that I don’t want to lose, my facial lotion and cleanser…stuff like that), Extras (which is where I put all the extra soaps and mini conditioners, extra toothpaste samples from the dentist, etc), Random (which is where I put my jewelry cleaner and needle and thread, safety pins, etc.), Razors (where I put razors and Adam’s clippers, along with a pair of scissors), Cold and Flu, Sinus and Allergy, stomach-ache, Pain Relief, (and all of these bins have adult and children medications, along with a medicine cup in each), First Aid, Outdoor (which has sunscreen and bug repellent), and Qtips and Cottonballs. I also have a basket for girly stuff (enough said), and a basket for my hair appliances to keep them tidy. I have my hair sprays and gels in another basket. Those are items that generally are going to be replaced in the same baskets, and are too bulky for storage containers.

I also want to point out that my Pain Relief bin not only have headache or pain pills but also pain rubs, like Ben Gay. And my Allergy/Sinus bin also has poison ivy relief and hydrocortizone cream, as I assume that is an allergic reaction.

Your bins may look different. You may have washrags in one, tooth care, or something else. The thing is, just categorize what works best for you!

Then, get $20 (or less, I only spent $13), and head to your Family Dollar store! They have these clear, plastic shoeboxes with lids on them. They are only $1 each, and buy as many as you need, plus one extra (because you will use it, trust me!)

Then, it’s easy. Just categorize your stuff. Put it in bins, and label the bins. You can use a labelmaker, or if you are like me and don’t have that, just get some Avery labels (I had some lying around), and write on them what is in each bin. If you don’t have any Avery labels, you can use cute post it notes or index cards and write on them and place them inside the bins. Because they are see through, you can easily read whats in your bin.

It’s about a week adjustment when you are used to something being somewhere else, but it is really handy when you are looking for some ibuprophen for a headache, and you can quickly go to your ‘pain relief’ bin and grab it out.

Anyways, now you can see how nerdy I really am! But it really is cool, if you are into organizing or need some organization in your bathroom closet. And it’s so cheap, I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner!

IMG_0242 IMG_0241

In picture two, the wicker basket holds my hair appliances, and the two white bins to the right hold my girly stuff and my hair sprays and gels. The wicker basket I had, but the white bins are $2.25 each at Family Dollar. They are good because they can hold the stuff that can’t fit into a regular shoebox with a lid, but are still neat and tidy. 


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