Succotash Rice

Quick and easy lunch. That’s just what I need. So I combined this. Someone else somewhere probably did also and probably made it better, but for my purposes, it is great!


I make this ‘per serving’, but you can easily cook more rice and veggies to feed your family. And you carnivores can easily add a chicken breast on the side or shredded inside of the bowl to get your protein. Altho I pile mine up with lima beans, so I can ensure I get a lot!

I used white rice, but if you have brown or another kind of rice, use that! I used white because it’s quicker, and I was in a pinch for time. Whatever rice you use, whenever your timer is at 20 more minutes for the rice to cook, that’s when you start your lima beans and corn.

Individual serving:

1 cup water to 1/2 cup rice. Prepare as directed on package. Note this is for white rice.

Half a can of sweet corn, drained, frozen lima beans (as many as you will eat!) Place them in a small saucepan, put some water in the bottom, and a dab of Earth Balance Vegan Butter (or regular butter) on them. Cover, and cook, 20 minutes or until beans are tender.

Top the rice with veggie mixture!

I paired this with a spinach salad today, and it was awesome! Usually when I make my ‘one serving’ portion, I have leftovers to share with Liam. He isn’t crazy about the lima beans (he says!!) but I just put other veggies on his (green beans and corn he does like).

I usually have to salt and pepper this afterward to taste. Enjoy!


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