Date Night and Snowy Day

I had an extended date yesterday, with many thanks to my friend and next door neighbor who kept Liam. It was so nice to get away, and of course, I wanted to do everything since I was child free. We came home exhausted, after a day full of walking!

We started walking around downtown Morgantown on the 10 degree day, and altho it was cold, it was fun. We walked in a jewelry making shop and I made a pretty bracelet out of beads that are my favorite color (a burnt orange). Even tho I have no vision for such things, the saleslady helped me, and Adam kept me entertained!

We continued walking through shops, through a pet store where a bird let Adam pet him. We also hit the mall, where it was warmer, and walked around, and had dinner at Black Bear Burritos. We chose them because they are vegan/vegetarian friendly, and a local business. It was nice. They had live music, and the food was delicious!!

Here I am with my vegan dinner: A ‘stroller’, which is a salad wrap, with a spinach tortilla, lettuce, onions, roasted red peppers, and Fakin’ (fake bacon), with an onion vinegarette dressing. Only one word can describe it: YUM!


After dinner we hit a few more stores, a book store and Dick’s Sporting Goods (we had to hit a bike shop and the sports shop for Adam!!). It was such a romantic time, and a definite NEED to get away.

Today of course it snowed a lot, and I got great pictures of the kids. I wanted to post them on Facebook, but….oh yeah, I’m not on Facebook right now! Ugh, this is harder than I thought. Still. I have to remember why I’m doing this, and like when all fasting happens, I have to pray and draw closer to God when I am tempted. Adam may post the pics however, I do know his family enjoys seeing the kids on Facebook.

So here are the kids enjoying the snow. It let up for a while today and then it rained, I’m still contemplating if they’ll (the older two) have school on Monday.




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