Declutter Tip #6: Take it Out!

My friend Jennifer lent me a book, “The Joy of Less: a minimalist living guide“, by Francine Jay. It’s a pretty good read. Easy to read, short chapters, and great tips throughout. One tip was to take the item out.

She suggests this two different ways. One, when looking at a room to declutter, completely empty it, minus the bones that you need to function. (couch, tv, etc. in living room). Then live in the room. Bring back items as you need them. (“I really do need that end table!!”) Whatever you don’t bring back within a week’s time, goes to donation.

OR, say you aren’t that extreme. But there is an item you aren’t sure about, say that coffee table or that nic nak that sits on it. Take just that specific item out and see how the space feels without it for a week. Did you miss it? Do you feel more relaxed in the space now that it’s gone? If you have, then you know what to do!!

I will say that I did this in our bedroom. Trying to make it a quiet, peaceful place for us to unwind, I want it to be clutter-free. I took out a bunch of stuff, artwork that didn’t match, nic naks, pictures…and set them in a box. I found the box yesterday! It had been a few months that I had done that! I plan to go through that box today. This will be hard tho; I’m design-challenged, and some of the stuff I really like! So I have a choice: Do I keep the fish nic naks and design a room that will incorporate them, or do I sell them and get something that I may love even better? I have a feeling that this job will take longer than even my closet job!


One thought on “Declutter Tip #6: Take it Out!

  1. positiveadoption February 4, 2015 / 2:47 pm

    Maria, I am doing a few home projects and it has left my home looking like a tornado hit it. But, it has also made me move things around, take photos off the walls, re-examine where and what I want. i was just thinking I am going to take all my photos and framed art and put them on my dining room table and decide what I should keep, what should go and where it should go when I read your post! Great advice.

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