I Found It!!! But….Do I Want It??

The other day I was shopping at Wal-Mart and I noticed that they had ice cream for dogs. Yes, dogs. Well, if they have ice cream for pups, they have to have vegan ice cream, right? I looked and low and behold, at $4.50, I found a tiny pint.


Isn’t it beautiful? It’s even chocolate!!

After my jig in the Wal-Mart freezer section, I hurried home, grabbed a spoon, and tried it.

It was…ok.

OK? After searching and searching, looking up online recipes, you would think it was awesome, delicious…but just ok??

I guess my taste buds are changing. Sure it was rich and good, and will probably do well in my “Oh My Gosh my period is coming and I need some chocolate!!!” fix, but I can’t see myself sitting down in an evening and eating a bowl of this. Honestly, I can only envision myself eating a tablespoon of it at a time when the ‘chocolate bug’ hits me. Which I guess makes the $4.50 price tag a lot more reasonable!

I guess my taste buds ARE changing! I prefer a bowl of berries to chocolate! An orange even!

Adam and I were discussing yesterday how we really aren’t ‘vegan’. Vegans are vegan in everything; they don’t wear any animal products or use products that were tested on animals, that sort of thing. We are more a “Plant Based Whole Food” eaters, which is long and tiring to say, so we say ‘vegan’.

Being plant based, whole food eaters, the ice cream doesn’t really fit the ‘whole food’ category. Sure, it’s vegan, and it will do in a pinch, but an orange is more whole food. And it’s crazy how after two weeks my taste buds are already changing.

The other day I gave Liam three generic Oreo cookies. They too, are vegan, so I thought I’d have three. Cuz you know, I was having my coffee and you need cookies with coffee, right? I felt icky after eating just the three tiny cookies! I felt still hungry, not satisfied, and drained. I wish I would of ate a handful of pistachios or something!


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