Food Challenge, Beginning Stats and Fears

For the sake of the challenge, I post these stats. These are based on the five things I’m testing while doing this challenge.

1. Money Saved: Currently, I spend about $550 per month on groceries for my family of five. Give or take. Sometimes, we go over. Keep in mind that my older two children are here on a part-time basis, so in the summer, my grocery bill is much higher.

2. Doable? Realistic? Currently, my cooking is minimal because I hate to cook. I do cook, but I do not cook big meals. Usually, it’s just Liam and I, so I cook a lot less. And I don’t cook for Adam, partially because I have no idea HOW to cook for Adam. Truth is, my fear is that I will have to cook two meals for each meal: one for myself and Adam, and one for Liam and the other kids. And if you know how much I hate to cook, then you know how I’m not looking forward to that!

3. Weight: Currently, I am at a healthy weight. I have a few lbs that I can lose to be ideal, and I definitely have some toning to work on (especially in the belly area), but I am not overweight at this point. I have also used a tape measure to measure around my waist and hips, so I’ll be recording that as well. I have definitely gained a few holiday pounds that I need to get rid of, and I could definitely tell around my midsection.

4. Energy Level: I’m pretty sedentary. I do work out on most days for a half hour. Workouts consist of a walking workout on YouTube, a walking DVD (I like walking, it’s easy!) or playing Just Dance. When it’s nicer out I like to cycle, but it’s not always conducive to my lifestyle.

5. Mood.  I do struggle with depression and the winter blues. I’d like to be happier. I have no reason to be unhappy, so….maybe changing the diet will help!

My fears on doing this challenge:

1. Low Iron or other vital nutrient.

2. Weight Gain.

3. Low Energy.

4. Not realistic. (making two meals per meal, and the challenge of finding vegan dishes.) Possibly MORE expensive. 

I’m trying this challenge for a month. Today is Day 1. Keep posted and I’ll fill you in on how my day went! I won’t post every day on this challenge. Since I’m doing two different topics at once on here, I’ll do each one once/week. That way I don’t overwhelm you! 😉 But I will reblog tonight on how my day went, so be watching! 😉


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