Day 1


I had intended to start next week, but Adam picked up Almond Milk from the store today and I figured, “eh, let’s start today.” I actually put the almond milk in my coffee, and it’s not bad. It’s sweeter than regular dairy milk, but not as sweet as my flavored coffee creamer. Which is nice; I don’t feel like I’m drinking a bunch of sugar for breakfast.

My menu today: cereal and almond milk for breakfast, grapes a little later on, salad with roasted red pepper dressing and a side of 1 cup of yellow rice for lunch, snack of cucumbers, and pistachios, coffee, and potatoes and lima beans for dinner. Finally, a snack of cereal with almond milk again. My sweet tooth is kicking in!!  And of course, drinking water.

Last night I watched Vegucated on Netflix. I don’t know why, but I’m on a documentary kick. It follows the lives of three meat and cheese loving Americans and their transformation to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. In all cases, weight was lost, blood pressure decreased, and bad cholesterol dropped.

My kids are not doing this challenge with me. They may eat less meat on account of it (only because I may have a tired day and not want to prepare two separate meals), but I think really this kind of decision is one that they need to make on their own.

Evening (How did I do??)

I did ok! I stuck to it, except I ate three (small) squares of a Cadbury chocolate bar. Sometimes a woman just needs some chocolate! I found out tho, that there is vegan chocolate, or I can use semisweet chocolate chips. Since I can usually just get by with a small amount of chocolate, the semisweet chips may do the trick and be more economical. I also found vegan butter, cheese, and other snack items while watching Vegucated. Now I hope to find them in our local stores!! May not be so easy in my neck of the woods, I’ll keep you posted!

When I cooked dinner for Liam, I cooked burgers for him, and I ate extras of the lima beans and potatoes. It was odd for me to not use butter in making the lima beans, and they did seem a little dry. I will try veggie broth the next time I make them, or a vegan butter alternative if need be.

I did have more energy. I felt very motivated and productive. I also felt more happy. I did notice that my calorie intake was lower than usual (1320), I am used to about 1500 or 1700. It is odd that I am much more energetic than usual with less calories.


3 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. philliciaritch January 23, 2015 / 9:09 pm

    Have you tried the Better than Bouillon brand products? They have some vegan choices. I saw mushroom and vegetable.


    • Maria January 24, 2015 / 8:01 am

      Thanks! I have not, i’ve only seen the meat varieties. I’ll keep an eye out! Altho, in the link below it says it’s like $30…if that’s not a typo, then I’ll probably just stick to a carton of chicken stock because of price.


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