Declutter Tip #4: Doubt Yourself

This fall, I realized I had to buy Liam a winter coat. I knew I had saved some clothes of Troy’s for him in the attic, but I was CERTAIN that the only clothes I had for Liam now were size 10’s, and that the size 7’s and 8’s were already in his closet. And there wasn’t a coat in the closet.

Last weekend, on a whim, I decided to empty out my attic. This is a big feat because I HATE my attic. It’s full of insulation, and who knows what critters. What spurred on the cleaning was I had to return my Christmas gift wrap, and that’s when I noticed it: a bag that said, “Liam, size 8”.

Size 8? There’s MORE! I was excited, until I found six bags, ranging from size 6- size 12.

And what do you think I found in one of the bags?

You guessed it: a winter coat. In fact, I found three of them!

So, after I updated Liam’s wardrobe with Troy’s old (but stylish) clothes, I decided that I couldn’t possibly sell all of the clothes. I ended up returning two bags to the attic, one a size 10 and one a size 12. I decided to pare down my Sell Pile of clothing to only the nice stuff, like kids’ jeans and winter coats. Things that I would buy at a yard sale. I now have four bags going to the Mission and one to sell.

And these are 33 gallon garbage bags. ha ha.

I wish I would of double checked myself back in the fall. I could of saved some time, money, and stress, and Liam would still be warm in a winter coat.

Altho, if you have seen him in his bright orange winter coat that HE picked out himself, you will agree, he is a cutie! 🙂



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