Declutter Tip# 3: Multitask

I have three junk drawers. Three. The average American has one junk drawer. Still, I could be using them for other things, necessities like towels or washrags or even upstairs tools. I’m even ok with having one junk drawer, really. But three? It’s kinda overkill.

So, today, while making my afternoon cup of coffee (I’d NEVER suggest that you do this during your morning cup of coffee!!! At least I need somewhat of an awake brain!!) I cleaned out one drawer 3/4’s of the way done. I threw away a bunch of balloons, that were dirty from sitting in the same drawer as rusty nails, toenail clippers, and random tools. I put things back in their proper places (in some cases, the trash!)

I figure, while I’m waiting for the coffee to brew, I might as well be productive. Otherwise I’m just standing there, waiting for the coffee to quit dripping so I can have a glorious sip!

This can also work while you are waiting at the doctor’s office (cleaning out your purse?) or if you have ten minutes in between something. I know usually I give Liam a ten minute countdown on his games, and I could set a timer and play a game myself, of decluttering the bookshelf, the game closet, or the junk drawers. For this kind of decluttering, where it’s quick, I’d rather not tackle the hard stuff (ie: my closet!) This is ideal for quick decisions, toss or keep, not for the battle in my head (should I keep this? I MAY wear it someday….)


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